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This class will take you on a journey through the expressive art of Bachata

We believe that Bachata should take you on a ride, from slow to fast, from dramatic and sensual to humorous and playful,

from Dominican tradition to modern improvisation. Join us for Bachata from the Ground-up at SCT 

Four Week Series: $55 per student, 1 hour classes once a week.

Weekend Boot-Camps $80 per student, 4 hours a day both weekend days!

Bachata 101!

Bachata 2!

Bachata to the Next Level with Vassili!

Bachata Boot-Camps!


  • Bachata 1, Beginner Bachata (Four Week Series).


Wednesdays July 1st-July 22nd 6-7pm-learn the basics of this romantic dance form!


Wednesdays August 5th-August 26th 6-7pm.

Buy now to register online, or

Email us to register in person.



  • Bachata 2:


Thursdays July 2nd-July 23rd 8-9pm-take your technique to the next level with Bachata 2!


Thursdays August 6th-August 27th 8-9pm.

Buy now to register online, or

Email us to register in person.


  • Bachata to the Next Level!


An upper level Bachata class! Take it up a notch with Vassili, this is for students with experience who want to up their Bachata skills and technique!










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