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Social Dancing and our popular Drop-In classes every Friday! See Drop In Classes.

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Our Seattle Salsa classes are different. A salsa dance education from Salsa Con Todo goes far beyond the

classroom. Each component of our salsa lesson curriculum has been focused to develop you into a well-rounded dancer

and inspire your individual education. We focus on all aspects of salsa dancing,  technique, styling , rhythm and beat, and

new forms. We  are constantly looking for ways to improve your salsa dance education and our salsa class curriculum at

our beautiful school in Seattle's Fremont district.

Salsa Classes


Bachata Classes.


Kizomba Classes.


Hip Hop Classes.


Brazilian Zouk!


Argentine Tango Classes.




Drop in Classes.


Private Lessons.





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scroll down for all levels.

Beginner Salsa 101 Four week SERIES:


Definitely our most popular class. Learn Salsa from the Ground up in this comprehensive Six Week series.

You will learn all the necessary fundamentals of Salsa in a comprehensive, nurtuing and exciting environment.

Whether you just want to go dancing out, or prepare to continueyour salsa eduction, this class is the best.

Prepares you for 102 Includes: Salsa Basic, Side-breaks,Back Breaks, Ladies and Mens Right- hand turns, Cross Body Lead (CBL),

Inside and Outside Turns, Musicality, Cross Points, and much much more.

If a class falls on a holiday, SCT might reschedule.

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Beginner/Intermediate Salsa 2

Both 101 and the 102 will offer both basic body movement and musicality training.

With 101 designed for beginners and 102 designed for beginner/intermediate students.

102 will be a step up from 101, teaching new foundations and techniques

to better prepare you for a 3/4 series! Since you will be working with techniques that you learned in 101 it

is HIGHLY recommended that you take 101 first.

Includes: a variety of techniques for 101 students, cross body leads with open breaks, more advanced

progressive turn patterns, hammer locks, and much, much more. The perfect class to prepare you for the

3/4  series.

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Note: In order to enter the following series we require the ability to:

Execute all 3 directions of Basic. Ability to

dance eight 8-counts solo, staying on rhythm. Lead/follow with one of our instructors a: CBL,

single R-hand turn, inside-outside turns.

We have tailored the curriculum especially for you, focusing on taking

your intermediate level skills and translating them into into longer patterns,with new variations and tons of extra styling.

These classes will truly give you the flow and confidence to be creative and expressive on the

dance floor and boost your salsa mojo!

Intermediate Salsa 3


Salsa 3: Hammerlocks with all hand connections CBL into hammerlocks


blind turns with half-and-halfs warmups include new footwork: crossovers, suzy Q, hook step, half-and-halfs.


Salsa 4:  CBL with half left copas with all hand connections and exit in four directions.


flares and arm tosses warmups include all previous footwork plus: half left, hook flick, heel-heel-toe-toe, spin drills

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Advanced Salsa 4!

Five: spinning, preps forward and to the side, hook turns wraps to the lead’s left side


360 to the lead’s left side “S turns” or over-under warmups involve advanced shine patterns.

Six: wraps and 360s to the lead’s right side checks creativity: pushing students’

ability to combine moves and play with the skills they have warmups involve advanced shine patterns.

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Buy Now to register online or:

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Scroll down for all levels.


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Bachata 1.


Bachata 2


This class will take you on a journey through the expressive

and sensual world of Bachata. Whether you are a novice or a long time Bachata dancer, we will give you

the tools to start making this wonderful dance an an integral part of your world. Besides focusing on

Bachata fundamentals, this series will be truly "SCT Style", bringing you a wide variety of colors and

emotions in the dance. We believe that Bachata should take you on a ride, from slow to fast, from dramatic

and sensual to humorous and playful, from Dominican tradition to modern improvisation.

We'll show you what to know about embrace, framing, turn techniques, and lot's of new moves.

Oaxia! The Fusion Dance!


Take dancing off of the dance floor and into your life with this unique dance form. It's an SCT original!

Partner dancing with no basic; if you are an intuitive dancer, or you want to be, this is the dance form for you.

While you will be learning the technique that makes this dance form so unique, you'll also spend a day learning how to get in

touch with your own emotions and feelings as they relate to dance and music.  You will never forget or regret it...join the Flow...

$55per student.

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Argentine Tango Core Movements Continued!


Core movements of Tango Continued: Learn the basic dynamics and steps of Argentine Tango.

We will continue to work on the important fundamentals of this amazing dance form.

Covered and expanded on in this course: The Walk~Crossed Walk~Sprials~Turns~The Cross

Sara Thomsen's specially designed curriculum will guide you in the essential movements of Tango so

you can begin improvising this dance with a high level of connection and great natural feeling movement.

Buy Now Or Email us to register.

Tango Intermediate Class!


Continue building on your technique in Tango Intermediate. We'll continue working on the cross walk, and on Alterations.

  • Hip Hop with Robert Luu!

Stay Tuned for the next Hip Hop series!

Hip Hop is a dance form and it's also a joyful highly active expression of musicality and rhythm!

Join us in April for Our First Ever Hip Hop Four Week Series, with Seattle's great Hip Hop artist:

Robert Luu! Feel the Funk. Feel the Flow.

Groove into this highly anticipated hip hop class specially designed for salsa, bachata and zouk dancers.
This class is designed to focus on Hip Hop fundamentals, style and musicality - a perfect way to add stylistically to your social dancing.
Let loose! And come groove with us!!!



Scroll down for all levels.


Brazilian Zouk: 

Zouk is a "spiral dance" in which any move potentially could lead to the next if the angle is correct for transitions.

It is a super power for all your other dance styles and a gem on it's own.  Taught by SCT's own lovely Christine Schwartz

who is truly in love with the epic beauty of this dance form and for whom this dance is sacred, truly a lovely dance form, don't miss learning it.

The bridge to Brazil is open!

Beginner Brazilian Zouk 101


Join us to learn Brazilian Zouk from the ground up at Salsa Con Todo! Get on board to learn this dance form

growing every more popular around the world, free flowing, graceful, fun and easily creative, Zouk!

Buy Now or Email us to register.

Beginner/Intermedaite Zouk:


Followed by a Zouk Social 9-11pm! $5 at the door, no registration required for the Social.

Buy Now or Email us to register.

Zouk Immersion: Three Month Series!

This class covers material that takes you through Zouk 2-4.

This is a fast paced and challenging series. Stay Tuned for the next Zouk Immersion.

  • Zouk Variations:

Variations on head movement, style, angle changes, making your basics more colorful while stimulating creativity and flow.

Buy Now to register or: Email us to register in person.

Leads Styling in Partnership!

Buy Now to register or: Email us to register.

A styling class just for Lead's! Take your abilities as a lead up a notch in this class designed to

give you new techniques and styling as the leader in partnership!

  • Beginner Belly Dance/Fusion Class!


Buy Now or Email us to register.

Come learn all the isolations and musicality that will help you in your latin dances in this bellydance fusion class!

This series will cover head, shoulder, ribcage and hip isolations, body rolls, across-the-floor movement and a warm-up designed

to increase your flexibility and strength. Wear comfortable pants that you can move in (no jeans!) You may bring a skirt

or scarf to tie around your waist after the warm-up if you like. No shoes.

This class can be beneficial to both women and men because isolations and musicality are required for all dancers in all art-forms,

but particularly salsa, bachata and zouk!

  • Kizomba Immersion with Galina! Kimmersion!

Kimmersion: Kizomba Intensive with Galina! 12 hour course!


 Register Online or Via Email.

Kizomba Immersion or "Kimmersion" is designed to bring you to the heart of this amazing dance form!

Dancing Kizomba is a unique experience... It's a very heart centered dance, extremely easy to learn and highly enjoyable. Kizomba is all about connection.

And we want to get you connected to it! This will be an intense and fun course.

No Experience required!

About Galina:

Galina has been a dancer her whole life: ballet and ballroom since early age, 10 years of salsa dancing

and Kizomba since Spring 2012 when she discovered it and fell in love with it.

Galina has taught in Sedona, AZ, Big Island, HI, at the Las Vegas Salsa Congress, in Miami Afro-Creole

Mayhem kizomba festival, and in Seattle at the Dance Festival at the Center of the Universe.

Galina loves sharing all the knowledge and dance experience she has accumulated from all over the world

she's so excited to be teaching Kizomba in Seattle!

Musicality with Vassili!

This class will teach you how to understand and work with musicality

a skill which is integral to your ability to improve and shine as a dancer!


Mondays February 9th-March 2nd 5:45-6:45pm

Register Online or Via Email.

How to Dance in Heels!

This special class taught by our own Natalya is designed to help follows learn the skills to dance properly in Heels!

It is so sexy and so thrilling to move in heels for partner-dancers! But correct technique and styling is so important, not only

both for the health of your feet, but also to be able to dance in heels with confidence!


Wednesdays February 11th-March 4th 8:30-9:30pm.

Register Online or Via Email.


  • Cha Cha with Paula and Alberto! Email us to register.

Tuesdays June 24th-July 15th!


You can take this class as a series for $68 total. Per workshop it is $20.

Week One: Salsa On2! The most fun you can have dancing! 1.5 hours of Basic Salsa On2!

This is a Salsa 101 class, but taught On2, On2 the other awesome rhythm! Wow your friends!

Week Two:West Coast Swing! The other kind of hop! Danced to pop music and super fun! Taught by our own

Week Three: Zouk! The Brazilian Dance Form! Sexy, lyrical and fast taking the world by storm!

Our Zouk-sterXtine Zouk is one of Seattle's most amazing and dynamic Zouk artists! Don't miss her class.

Benjamin Lofton, one of the rising stars of the West Coast Swing universe and a champion!

Week Four: Hip Hop! What a way to go out! Get with the groove and make it yours with the great Robert Luu!

  • Foot-Work for Salsa Four Week Series for Leads and Follows! Email us to register.

Tuesdays June 24th-July 15th 6-7pm!

This class will cover footwork techniques for you to advance your individual dancing as well as musicality!
 We will cover a complete footwork pattern that incorporates fundamental steps and techniques.  Open to leads and follows.

Oaxia: The Fusion Dance!

Oaxia: If you are a lover of blues dancing, NIA, contact improv, Zouk flow...Based on SCT's original dance, Oaxia,

Fusion-Flow is is a non linear, (no basic) partner dance form. It is pure lead/follow, danced to slow romantic pop music.

Fusion-Flow uses elements of Zouk, West Coast Swing, Tango and Bachata to create a powerful, lyrical feel that translates

beautifully to the Latin dance floor.  Instead of using a basic step, Fusion-Flow focuses on versatility and using musicality

and subtle signals to lead and follow with. This class will positively inform every other partner-dance class you ever take.   

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Upcoming Workshops:

Rotating Workshops:

Argentine Tango

One of the most intimate and lyrical of all Latin Partner dances,

a conversation of passion and grace between lead and follow.

This is one of our favorite forms of Latin Partner Dance!


Getting flustered when your partner breaks into styling. Learn how to polish your moves in our

footwork class. We'll work on timing, hitting the breaks, and lot's of sabor.



What is Salsa music? How did it start? How do I find the 1? Ever asked yourself these questions?

The answers are all in our musicality class. Here we'll show how to really apply Salsa music to your


Ladies' Styling

Ladies' styling, footwork, and more.  No men allowed.


One of the most fun dances out there. We'll show you the basics, timing, and lot's of sassy styling!

Partnership on2

You've learned everything about dancing on 1. Now put yourself to the test and learn how to dance

on 2. We'll show you how to find the two, how to make it musical, and how it can really challenge your


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Tuition Information.

  • 6 week series: $90 per series.
  • 4 week series (1 hour classes): $55 per series. (1.5 hour classes $68).
  • Workshops: $25-30 per student.
  • Weekend Boot-Camps: $80 per student.

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