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Now Enrolling for Dance-Teams 2018

Salsa Con Todo Dance Teams are focused on training, togetherness, and community.


Each team is comprised of a group of dedicated students who train weekly, and grow together throughout the year!

Our Teams are cumulative 12-month courses comprising an overall dance-program.

Each team will immerse you in dance while you join a warm, vibrant community.

No experience is required for Training (beginner) Teams, some experience is required for intermediate teams;

advanced/performance teams are by invitation/audition only.

Team-Member benefits for the duration of membership include:

free admission to our monthly group dance classes, drop-in classes,

socials dances*  in all dance forms, as well as special flat rates on private lessons with your instructors

*There is a 30% team discount for quarterly Guest Artist Classes .

We hope you join us for our 2018 team-year!

Email us
to enroll.









Who will train you?

What experience is required?

How much of a commitment are teams?

What if I miss a Team Practice?

What is included in my monthly dues?

What team should I join? How can I join?

Can I join more than one team?

What if I cannot afford full dues?

How do I set up my monthly dues?

Do I need a partner?

When does practice begin? Audition Dates?



Each Dance Team, from Salsa to Tango to Zouk has its own special instructors for your weekly practice.

SCT has a cast of incredibly talented and dedicated dancers and teachers who have created curriculum's that suit

their team's goals and dance form: Instructors like Vassili, Xtine, Gwen Richard, Robert Luu, Angela Harris, Cat Refuerzo,

Mariah Whiteman, Megan Taylor,

Kelsey Rote and more. SCT also brings out special national and international stars each year to work exclusively with each team.

In 2016 and '17 we hosted stars such as David and Jennifer Stein; Javier Campines and Erica Reyna; William and Paloma;

Henri Velandia; Evelyn Magyar

Sekou; Ivo and Shani; Charlene Rose; Marc Brewer; Jefferson Dadinho; Albano Goldenberg; Enzo Hoces; and Julio Balmaceda y Virginia Vasconi,

Zeke Ruvalcaba, and more.



If you join a Training Team such as Salsa Team C,  Foundational Zouk Team, Lindy or Tango Team,

Little to no experience is required, only the desire to learn! 2nd-year teams such as

Salsa Team-B, Intermediate Zouk performance and Intermediate Zouk Training Team

require completion of the previous year's team, or invitation. Performance Teams and

Advanced Teams such as Salsa A-Team, Advanced Zouk Performance are by audition only.




Most team member will run for 12 months or two semesters of weekly Dance Team Practice. 

Particular Teams for 2018 will run on a quarterly curriculum with the option to switch levels within

your dance form everh three months.

For example: If you are on Foundational Zouk Team you may swtich to 

Intermediate  Zouk Training Team or audition for a performance team at the 3-month mark.

Some teams may require audtions or instructor permission to switch into, some may not depending on skill requirement and ability.

ays/times for practice depend on the team you join. Performance teams include extra rehearsals which you will learn about 

throughout the year. Since our monthly group dance classes/workshops in all dance forms are included in your monthly dues, 

you may choose to take as many or as few of them as you wish. Some monthly classes/workshops may be recommended to you by

your Team Instructor.


If you must miss a practice let your instructor know in advance if possible. They will tell you what to pracitce and

if there is a team video of that particular practice they'll make sure you get it. You can also work with a team-member

to catch up at SCT studio. You can Email us to book the studio for your personal catch-up practice with a team-mate.

Use of studio space for this purpose is free in most cases. Studio-use rules do apply.

To take this time off and suspend dues for this period, team members must inform SCT of the intended

dates at the beginning of the team-year.



Free admission to all SCT-instructor taught group weekly and weekend classes and Socials in all dance forms and

Special Flat Rates on all private lessons; Discounts on all Guest Instructor Classes and Social Dances.


The team you join depends on the dance form you feel most drawn to, and your experience level.

If you are joining a first year team such as Salsa Team C, Foundational Zouk, Lindy Hop or Tango Team, you may simply email

us that you wish to join and then pay your first and last month's dues. If you have completed a first year team, you

may join the next level team, or audtion for Performance teams. If you are a new team member who wishes to

join a 2nd year, or performance team, you may need to audition or receive permission from the team-instructor.

We have a limited capacity for leads/follows for each team. If there is no room on the team you prefer,

we will wait-list you and keep you informed. If you are auditioning for a Performance or Advanced Team,

see below for audition dates. You will learn if you made it on to you team on the day of audition.



Yes. If you want to join more than one team, there is a discount on the 2nd team's dues.

We do urge that be consider this carefully as it is important not to get burned out.



No. You will work on Partner-work for part of your training and you'll be dancing with leads/follows from your team.

If you are joining a Performance Team, you'll be assigned a partner for the choreography that fits you best as a dancer.




Once you join your team, you can pay your first and last month's dues online here.

This transaction will be used to set up a monthly dues payment excluding first and last month.

Dues generally are charged on the first of the month unless otherwise requested.

Your monthly dues payment is based one what dance team you join.

You may pay full dues in advance with a discount on the total dues. 

First/Last Month's dues for 2018 Teams are due on or before Orientation day December 10th 2018.

If you wish to Inquire about getting on our Work-Study program, Email Us.

SCT offers a full to partial workstudy programs for those team members whose finances do not allow them

to pay full dues. Email us to inquire about our workstudy programs.




~Practice~All dance teams begin the first week of January!

For 2018 First Week of Practice will be January 2nd-8th. Start days/times depend on which team you join!

See your respective Team Page for your practice days and times.

Audition Date for those teams which require it is December 10th, hours TBA.

Email us to get on the list for your audition and you'll receive details pertaining to your respective team

and dance form's audition requirements and start time.




Orientation is on December 10th 2017 at 1pm!

You'll meet your team instructors and have a question and answer session.

We'll be discussing any information that still needs to be covered regarding your dance year. Please note the date on your calendar.

After Orientation, stay and party with us at our SCT Holiday Party 2017!


Email UsCall us (206) 402-2945.

Our Email Address: salsatodo@gmail.com

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