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Frequently Asked Questions


Some of our most frequent emailed questions.  Please read through these before emailing, you may find your question here!

Do I need a partner?

Do I need experience?

What should I wear?

What shoes should I wear?

How do I pay?

Where is the class?

Is there parking?

What level should I be in?

Are the classes balanced?

How big are the classes?

Who is the instructor?

What if I miss a class?

Where should I go out dancing?

Do I need a partner?

No.  We do not require enrolling with a partner for any of our classes.

We work hard to ensure our classes are balanced between leads and follows,

and we rotate our students between partners frequently.

Do I need experience?


There is no salsa or dance experience required for our 101 class. We work really hard to provide high quality instruction and

really love teaching Salsa. We always recommend to students that when you start with a

new instructor you start at the beginning of their curriculum. We teach the basic very in-depth and

cover a lot of important concepts in our 101 class. Experienced dancers take the class, and some of our

200-level students take 101 from time to time. The more you understand about Salsa the more you

will get out of the class. For our 200 and 300 level classes we require a fluency with various moves,

techniques, and musicality.  We will recommend the class that you will learn the most from.

We've had plenty of experience placing people into our classes and we know our curriculum so we

are confident we will pick the right class for you. Email us and tell us your dance experience or

stop by the studio to dance with one of our instructors.

What should I wear?

Something comfortable.  Wear clothing that won’t restrict movement.  We do not recommend skirts/dresses for women.

Pants are best.  And be ready to sweat a bit.  Please remember to shower and use deodorant.

Be respectful of your fellow classmates and instructors.  We always provide mints!

What shoes?

We recommend dancing in jazz flats.  Heels are not recommended for follows, they restrict learning footwork and technique,

and are generally not healthy for your feet in the long term if you are doing a lot of dancing.  For places to buy shoes: Our links page.

Otherwise, for leads and follows, any thin, slick sole works well, shoes that don't grip/stick to the floor and won’t come off of your foot.

How do I pay?

Call 402-2945 to pay via credit card over the phone. To purchase your class and register online go

to our Registration Page.

Location:  Where is the class?

All Series Classes are held at the SCT Studio at 211 North 36th Street.


There is street parking on N35th and N36th Street.

There are pay lots (starting at $5 and up) on the corner of 36th and Phinney, as well as by Fremont Studios on 35th..

What level should I be in?

Most likely 101 if you have never taken our classes.  Unless you have a previous specific

and in-depth salsa education we ask that new students to SCT start at the beginning of our curriculum.

Stop by the studio or email us to find out where you should be.

Are the classes balanced?

Yes.  We ensure our registration is balanced for all classes.  However, people do not always show up,

so sometimes we may be 1 or 2 leads or follows heavy.  We rotate partners frequently so

no one is without a partner for more than a few minutes.

How big are the classes?

We allow no more then 46 people into each class. But class sizes vary according to level.

Who is the instructor?

All SCT instructors are gifted dancers who have committed to in depth study into their respective dance specialties.

They are passionate and dedicated to their craft and are eager to teach others.

Instructors at Salsa Con Todo have more than 60 years of combined dance experience, and all are certified.

Even more important, our nurturing and patient instructors are committed to teaching you at your own pace

and helping you achieve your personal dance goals. SCT's instructors change and evolve and grow

with the school itself but we always boast talented teachers and dancers with their own unique background.

Currently we are happy to be working with instructors like! Vassili, Xtine, Liz Chu, Elizabeth Burnett, Robert Luu, Paula Scher and more!

If I miss a class in a series, what should I do?

For 101 we do not recommend missing the first week.  If a week is missed the material can be learned in a private lesson.

Email us to schedule a private.  Otherwise, you can catch up with the following weeks since we

always review previous material from the whole series in each class.

You can also make up a missed class via our online instructional videos.

Where should I go dancing?

See our Dance Seattle link.he schedule of the top salsa venues in Seattle with descriptions.



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