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All SCT instructors are gifted dancers who have committed to in depth study into their respective dance specialties. They are passionate and dedicated to their craft and are eager to teach others. Instructors at Salsa Con Todo have more than 60 years of combined dance experience, and all are certified. Even more important, our nurturing and patient instructors are committed to teaching you at your own pace and helping you achieve your personal dance goals. SCT's instructors change and evolve and grow with the school itself but we always boast talented teachers and dancers with their own unique background. Currently we are happy to be working with instructors like! Vassili, Xtine, Liz Chu, Elizabeth Burnett, Robert Luu, Paula Scher and more!

Vassili; owner and founder of SCT: Vassili grew up in Greece, on the small Cycladic island of Paros nestled in the blue waters of the Aegean. Starting as a teen he developed a love for music and soon became an complished musician.  When his destiny brought him to Seattle in 1999  He founded the world music ensemble"Children of the  Revolution." The band's unique blend of Spanish guitar, Latin rhythms, and multilingual songs soon gained them popularity in the Northwest.   They went on to perform all over the world, including  recording a duet with Ann Wilson of Heart. Being a lead singer and guitar player honed his performance skills, and brought him in contact with a few  wonderful dancers who introduced him to the joy of dancing. Always game to try new  art forms that inspire him, Vassili took his first Salsa lesson in 2000, fell in love with Latin partner dancing, and has not stopped dancing since. He won the "Reno Dance  Sensation" Salsa competition two years in a row, and has  performed and taught at  numerous dance events around the US. Vassili's passion lies not only in the art of  Salsa but in challenging himself to provide the  most dynamic instruction to his  students.  In 2005 Vassili founded Seattle's  enormously popular dance school "Salsa  Con Todo." He actively continues to study with dancers of various styles. He has  traveled  to  Colombia, Cuba and Portugal to study and keep  aware  of new  and  exciting dance forms, as well as creating his own. In 2009 Vassili created the sensual  and mysterious partner dance called “Oaxia.” Vassili has remained a part of dance communities  all over  the  world; as they  change, expand and evolve, so does he!  Vassili and looks  forward  to  delving deeper  into Salsa's roots around the world. Vassili continues to perform,  teach, and enjoy  life.  He chooses his fellow instructors for SCT with care and trains them personally



Here are a couple of SCT's past instructors. They are no longer with us, but we sure miss them and wish them luck! Zyanya K. Breuer: (SCT founding Instructor, she now visits as a guest instructor for workshops and team training). Chantelle Foyston : (SCT founding Instructor, she now visits as a guest instructor for workshops and team training).

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