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Salsa Con Todo Dance Teams are focused, cumulative dance-programs.

designed to immerse you in your dance form while joining a warm, vibrant community.

If you join the program for full-year, Dues include free admission SCT Monthly Group Classes, Social Dances and Drop In Classes; flat rates

for Private Lessons; 30% discount on our National and International Guest Instructors and more.

Quarterly enrollment includes access to our weekly drop in classes and social dances and discounts on group classes and private lessons.

Teams with a six-month curriculum, Monthly Dues include free admission to weekly Social Dances and Drop In Classes in all dance forms

and monthly Group Classes related to your dance form ; 50% discounts on monthly group classes

in alternate dance forms; 15% discounts on private lessons; 30% discount on our National and International Guest Instructors and more.

see FAQs for details.

You may enroll for Bachata Training Team with minmal experience. Some expereince is required to join Ladies' Styling and Choreography Team.


Bachata Training Team

Ladies Styling and Choreography Team

Kizomba Team

Bachata Training Team

Q1: Building a Foundation. This quarter will be focused on building and strengthening our foundation.

basics of timing, connection,

body movement and various steps. Basics, Turns, Cuddles, and Hammerlock, Basics on

different beat pattern such and bass beat and chord beat.

Q2: Building Patterns. This quarter we will building on our foundational movements to create variations.

Using these variations we will look for opportunities to connect moves and

build a patter 8 count by 8 count.

Q3: Advanced Moves. Not for the beginning dancer! Like putting turrent on a castle once you've built your foundational movments

and can use them all and switch them up in your dancing you're ready to progress to advanced moves.

We will be learning advanced footwork and pulling moves more from the sensual/ urban bachata.

Q4: Learning a choreo. This quarter will be focused on learning a choreo. prior registration in Q1 or instructor approval required,

can take privates to get admitted if not approved at first.

Practice: Mondays 8-9:30 beginning January 2018

SCT's own amazing Mariah Whiteman will be leading Bachata Training Team.

Mariah will look forward to guiding you on your Bachata journey!

We will be working on three fundamental areas:

Ladies' Styling Team with Christina Walker

Christina Walker, one of Seattle's most respected Salsa and Bachata artists.

will be bringing her amazing skills to SCT Dance Teams in 2018 beginning with her specialty: Ladies Styling!

Christina will work with you on conditioning for dance, core work, ballet exercises, stretching,

body isolations, spin drills, timing, footwork, across the floor work,

You'll also work with musicality expressed in choreography and of course tons of styling!

Christina says: For my ladies team I want to work on 3 different

choreographies through out the year ..... Salsa, Bachata and

hip hop/Latin fusion. We will work on each choreography for 4 months,

perfecting the movement and you will have the option of performing them with me.

Experience: 9-months to a year of salsa study and social dancing. Questions? Email us.

Practice: Tuesdays January 2018, 8-9: 45pmpm.

Email us to Enroll. Pay your First/Last Month's Dues here.

Kizomba/ Urban Kiz Team

We will explore various techniques and styles that make

both Kizomba and Urban Kiz incredible dances.

We will first build a foundation for these Afrocentric dances then

dive deeper into becoming fluent and confident on the dance floor.

We will also explore how Urban Kiz was derived from

Kizomba and what distinguishes the two dances today.

Experience: no experience required.

Practice: 1.5 hours weekly, Tuesdays in 2018 6:30-8pm.

Cumulative for 6 months Jan-June; July-December.

Email Us to enroll or inquire.

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