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SCT is now enrolling for KBC^3: our Bachata/Kizomba Dance Team 2017.

KBC is a cumulative course designed to immerse you in these dance forms

while joining a vibrant new community.

This is a twelve-month Team including training in two dance forms:

Bachata and Kizomba! with practices on Sundays, 1-2:30 Bachata, 2:30-4 Kizomba.

Our studies throughout the year will be geared towards growing skills as a social dancer.

No experience is required; this is a Training Team.

Orientation day is December 11th at 1pm.

Your Team Instructors:

SCT's own amazing Mariah Whiteman will be leading the Bachata track and will be joined by Dennis Richards for the Kizomba track.

Mariah and Dennis are dedicated, talented dancers, who look forward to guiding you on your Bachata/Kizomba journey!

We will be working on three fundamental areas:

~Core~ the timing; basics; core strength; and flexibility. These will be your foundations to build body movement, styling and musicality.

~Connection~ to your partner, to the music, to the floor.

When we add connection to our core we are combining communication and intention and then we can start to create.

~Creativity~ When we begin to work on creativity, it will encompass musicality, connecting moves, and understanding of your body as an instrument.

Email us to Enroll. Pay your First/Last Month's Dues here.

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