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~Welcome to our Rotating Classes and Special Events Page~

Ballet for Beginners!

West Coast Swing with Xtine!

Lindy Hop!

Samba Dance Series!

Ballroom Dance Series!

Twerk It Out Weekend!

Bellydance Series!

Rhythm 101 for all dancers and drummers!

Lindy Hop at SCT!

There's nothing like it! Join us for SCT's LINDY HOP FOUR WEEK SERIES! With the awesome Lainey Buchignani...

February: Tuesdays 6:00p-7:00pm. February 21st-March 14th. Buy Now.

March: Thursdays 8:30-9:30pm. Buy Now.

Relive the jazz era with Lindy Hop, the infectiously energetic

and rhythmic dance that swept the nation in the 30s

and remains an iconic popular dance to this day.

Learn the core footwork and techniques that make this dance so dynamic.

No experience or partner required

Samba Dance Series! Wednesdays February 22nd-March 15th 2017. 6-7pm. Buy Now.

Samba Dance explores various styles of solo and group dancing from

Brazil ranging from Rio Samba to Samba Reggae.

This all levels African dance based class embodies movement

techniques focused on: rhythm, musicality, isolations,

hip motions, footwork, patterns, shapes,

and joyful expression. Instructor Fawnia Chauvaux holds a BA in Dance

with emphasis in World Dance and Culture

and has studied Afro Brazilian Dance for over 15 years among other dance styles including: Ballet, Modern, Jazz, African, and Latin.

Dance Technique and Injury Prevention. With Paula Tomczak!

Thursdays Novmeber 10th-December 1st 7-8pm. Buy Now.

Come learn the basics of how your body moves and how to keep it moving smoothly from head to toe!

This class will give you the fundamental knowledge of how to train your body to stay fit,

flexible and injury-free no matter what style of activity you pursue.

Topics covered include:

~Anatomy and physiology~Breathing techniques

~Stretching and strength training techniques~Posture and alignment~Massage

Everyone is welcome, no dance experience required!

Please wear comfortable clothing you can move in (no jeans).

This class will be a no-shoes class, so plan to wear socks or be barefoot.


Ballet for Beginners!

February Wednesdays February 22nd-March15th. 8:30-9:30pm. Buy Now.

March Wednesdays March 29th-April 19th. Buy Now.

Did you always want to learn? You can.

This class is designed for students who wish to begin exploring Ballet.

Ballet is a dance practice that hones skills in form, grace and focus.

If you always wanted to try this amazing dance form, or if you are a dancer who wants to hone skills

that Ballet fosters such as technique, balance, posture,

turning confidence and more, this is a perfect class for you.

This is a fundamentals class, you do not need prior dance training to join!

Please wear stretchy clothing and either ballet or jazz flats (sock work too!).

Join us for this four week series!

Ballroom Dance!

Ballroom for beginers and beyond! Hone your skills and learn classic formal dance! 

This beginner ballroom class series will introduce you to a fun variation in Waltz,

Tango and West Coast Swing, just in time to try it out at a birthday party, a wedding or a business even

Taught by SCT's own wonderful Angela Harris!

February Series: February 23rd-March 16th:

March Series: March 30th-April 20th.

Beginning Ballroom Series. Buy Now February. Buy Now March.

6:30-7:30pm Thursdays Focusing on Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, ChaCha, Rumba, Swing

Samba. Buy Now February. Buy Now March.

7:30-8:30pm Thursdays Beginner to Pre Full Bronze

Focusing on Dance posture, Prep Steps, Amalgamation, Floor Craft, Naturals Spins, Classes & More!

West Coast Swing Four-Week Series with Xtine!

March 29th-April 19th 8:30-9:30pm.

West Coast Swing has its roots in the Lindy, but this kind of Swing is danced

to contemporary or R&B music and pairs well with Zouk. Xtine has been excited to teach this wonderful

dance form, don't miss her first official series! Buy Now

Twerk it out Weekend with Nathalia Carbajal

Twerk is a phenomenal dance style that has been gaining millions of adepts throughout the world.

Salsa con Todo team is excited to bring to Seattle a special twerk style that will make you look

fabulous and unique on the dance floor: Funk, the Brazilian Twerk!


We divided the Twerkshops into two days so you can recover and rest between the workshops,

taking the most of it. You will learn different techniques of twerking and booty popping,

from standing and sitting to the floor and more!

Both Twershops feature warm-ups & stretches, twerk tutorials, dance combinations and twerk circuits.

Finished with a slow, cool-down track to bring your heart back down to earth.

February 25th - 12-1:30 pm - FUNK: BRAZILIAN TWERK FUNDAMENTALS. Buy Now.

Learn general twerk fundamentals and then get immersed in the Brazilian Twerk world, learning unique movements, history and about the music.


After learning the fundamentals, it is time to get down and learn special footwork, combinations and special body movement.

SCT Belly Dance 8-week series!

No experience required. $120 for the full 8 weeks!

Sundays, February 12th-April 2nd 2017 6-7:30pm. Buy Now.

And in March, join us for a
Belly Dance Four-Week Series!

Thursdays March 30th-April  20th 6-7pm. Buy Now.

Teacher: Paula Tomczak, with occasional special guest instructors!

Are you interested in taking dance, but aren't sure you're ready for partner dance?

Are you excited to learn to move your body, but don't have much experience?

Are you an experienced dancer looking to add a new style to your repertoire?

Then come join the all-women SCT Bellydance 8-Week Course!

We will teach you all the skills you need to exercise,

isolate and manipulate your body to move to any kind of music.

In this class you will learn contemporary bellydance-style movements and body isolations

that ultimately blend with dance styles including salsa, bachata, zouk, ballet and modern.

The 8-week series will culminate in a performance piece that will be showcased at Salsa Con Todo

and possibly other local dance venues. Performing is not required, though it is highly encouraged!

No dance experience is required to join this class, just a great attitude and a

commitment to your fellow students! Please plan on being at every class if you can.

if you must miss a class, please alert Paula or Asta as soon as possible.

Students need yoga mats and loose, comfortable clothing – no shoes or traditional bellydance attire required.

If you choose to participate in the performance you may be asked to purchase items for the team costume,

though we will do our best to keep costume expenses to a minimum.

Class breakdown:

6-6:30 – yoga warm-up and abs.

6:30-7 – isolation exercises and basic dance technique

(will include exercises and techniques specific to bellydance, ballet, salsa, bachata and modern).

7-:7:30 – across the floor exercises (will include traveling movement techniques specific to bellydance, ballet, salsa and zouk).

Once we start working on the choreography, the first hour will be technique-based and the second hour will be choreography-based.

Northwest Mini Dance Festival!

November 18-20, 2017


~Kamacho & Debby, Rio de Janeiro~Xtine Croci, Seattle~

Nathalia Carbajal, Portland/Brazil~Sandro Soncini, Vancouver, BC/Brazil~

Early Bird: $115-Buy Now through October 20th. Regular: $130-October 20th-November 17th.

At the Door: $150.00

Schedule Friday: Nov 18th

Schedule Saturday Nov 19th

Schedule Sunday Nov 20th



6-7pm Injury prevention with Xtine.

7-8 Ballet and Jazz Fundamentals with Xtine.

8-9 Zouk Drop In.

9-10pm West Coast Swing Drop In.

10-2am-Social Dancing!


11:30-12:30 Hip Hop with Debby.

12:30-1:30 Heels with Debby.

1:30-2:30 Lambazouk with Nathalia.

3-4 Samba de Gafieira with Sandro & Nathalia.

4-5 Advanced Fundamentals with Debby & Kamacho.

5-6 Balance & Turns with Xtine & Sandro.

6-7 Sensual Body Movements with Debby & Kamacho.

7:30- Registration closes for ZZ comp.

10:00-11:00 - Zoukini tZouknami Competition.

11-2am Zouk Party


11:30-12:30 Creativity and Possibilities with Debby & Kamacho.

12:30-1:30 Head Movement with Xtine & Sandro.

1:30-2:30 Communication, Music Relativity & Moments Xtine & Sandro

About Competition:

Format- $10 entry fee.

Cash Prize for Placements 1-3.

Line up, shuffled at random, keep partner for the rest of the competition= 3-4 songs chosen by the DJ. It's like a Jack and Jill

that includes all levels, designed to encourage everyone to dance with everyone!

Salsa Styling and Hot-Rhythm Weekend with Charlene Rose! 

November 5th and 6th. 

Charlene Rose is back on November 5th and 6th to teach an exciting weekend of

sexy styling and technique as only she can! This weekend is suitible for beginner-advanced dancers and will

include Salsa styling, technique, Afro/Cuban, Mambo, Son, and just for a treat: Burlesque!

Register for the Whole Weekend.

Saturday November 5th: $20 per workshop. Register.

1-2pm:Styling Basics!

Learn to refine and add style your basic salsa step. Learn proper Latin motion and body movement,

proper usage of the arms, and styling options for both the arms and feet.

2-3pm:Flavor Invasion and partnering for Salsa!

Feeling a little stiff? Add more body motion to your Salsa dancing! Get a breakdown of basic Latin

body movement and steps of Afro-Cuban, Pachanga, Mambo, and Son while learning simple yet stylish ways

to add them to your Partner dancing. For Leads and Follows.

3-4pm: Latin Jazz!

In this class, Charlene will teach you a fun combo that blends some of the Latin rhythms and techniques

of Salsa/Mambo, Afro-Cuban, Cha-cha, etc, with modern, jazz and contemporary styles.

(No jazz experience necessary).

Sunday November 6th: $25 per Workshop. Register.

12-1:30pm:Afro-Cuban Shines

Afro-Cuban is a very earthy dance originating from Cuba, and ranges from very slow to very fast rhythms.

This class will not only ground you in the fundamentals, but you will also learn popular afro-cuban steps that you can

integrate into your dancing and give you that extra edge on the dance floor! This class will get your heart pumping and your body working!

1:30-3pm:Burlesque- The Art of Tease...

Whether you want to spice things up behind closed doors, add some sensual body motion and steps to your salsa,

bachata or zouk dancing, or just gain confidence and body awareness THIS IS THE CLASS FOR YOU!

Charlene will teach you a sexy Burlesque-inspired routine complete with flirtatious body movements,

seductive struts, and come-hither head whips! All levels welcome... LADIES ONLY!

Rhythm 101 for all dancers and drummers!

Beginning on Firdays from 7-8pm! Buy Now.

Join us for a unique class at SCT: $20 for Drop In.

Rhythm 101 is about learning how to bring your own music out!

No matter your style, a beginner or season pro these isolation exercises will

improve your sense of time, groove and ultimately Improvisation.

The fun part is that you will also be learning how to play drums and percussion.

The focus will be on Cuban and Puerto Rican music.$20 for Drop IN.

Drums and Percussion instruments provided.


Join us on Sunday December 11th for an afternoon of community appreciation!

We've had a great year dancing with all of you and we want to celebrate.

~December 11th, 3:30-6:30pm, No Charge~

Whether you're new to SCT, a past student, a current member of our dance family,

or you just heard of us, we'd love to see you!

~Open to public~

~food, drinks, treats~

~Social Dancing~

~mini dance lessons~

The Party:

First hour: Rotating sets of 10-minute dance lessons taught by our amazing SCT Instructors. Each of

whom will be instructing in their favorite dance form!

Then: Social Dancing, and ~Beverages~Pie~Treats!

We'll round out our party with dance performances and demos in Salsa, Zouk, Bachata, Tango and more...


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