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Welcome to our Special Series and Workshops page!

Salsa Con Todo Dance Teams!

Ballet for Adults in October!

Hip Hop Musicality with Robert Luu!

Dance Unleashed : Beginner Contemporary.

Lindy Hop in October!

Ballroom Dance Series for beginners!

Hot Salsa Rhythm Weekend! Charlene Rose!

Rhythm 101 for all dancers and drummers!

Lindy Hop at SCT!

There's nothing like it! Join us for SCT's LINDY HOP FOUR WEEK SERIES! With the awesome Lainey Buchignani...

Tuesdays October 4th-25th 6-7pm.. Buy Now.

Relive the jazz era with Lindy Hop, the infectiously energetic and rhythmic dance that swept the nation in the 30s

and remains an iconic popular dance to this day. Learn the core footwork and techniques that make this dance so dynamic.

No experience or partner required

Dance Unleashed: Wednesdays 8:30pm-10:00pm.

Unleashed Dance Program is a unique offering of dance classes focused

on shedding your inhibitions, unleashing your full technical and creative potential,

and forging awesome connections with other dancers!

Each month we'll offer Rotating Technique and Creativity classes exercising

the right and left brain!


8:30-10pm October 5th-26th. Buy Now.

Our goal is to help you feel graceful, uplifted, strong, and balanced when you dance.

Come to this unique class that gets you equipped with the basics of ballet and contemporary movement one

of the most highly respected dance forms said to inform and benefit all other styles of movement.

In this class we will learn

~Basic posture and body placement~How to safely build strength and flexibility for ballet + contemporary

~Forming beautiful strong lines with arms, hands, legs, and feet~Basics of turning

~Basic traveling steps~History of Ballet and Contemporary

What to wear:

· Pants that are stretchy and comfortable but not baggy so you can see the body's lines.

Leggings or stretchy shorts are preferred for women and stretchy not too baggy shorts for men

· Tops that are stretchy, comfortable, and form fitting so we can see the body's lines.

· Ballet slippers, half ballet slippers, jazz shoes w/o heals, or socks (beware that SCT floors are a little slippery though)

· Hair pulled up and away from the eyes (this helps ability to turn correctly)

Hip Hop musicality for Partner dancers!

Thursdays 6:30-8pm October 6th-27th. Buy Now.

In this course we will learn the creative process behind creating hip hop body movement, grooving,

styling, syncopation and more. Add style and new flare to your Shines,

Partner work and more in this class taught by Robert Luu.

UNLEASHED HIP HOP Level One Four Week Series!

Tuesdays August 30th-September 20th 5:45-7:00pm. Buy Now.

This is a one hour a week course, working with different techniques and curriculum than

the Unleashed Wednesday Hip Hop class.

Curriculum: basic hip hop posture (grounded feet, body isolations, relaxed posture, flexible spine,

and radial hips)~Energy (hard hitting, smooth, and robotic) and emotional expression~

Basic grounded upper and lower body movements~Basic traveling steps

Optimizing your body's ability to retain dance movement~Learn how to freestyle

About hip hop: Constantly evolving, hip hop today is an amalgamation of old school street

styles like popping, locking, and breaking, with new style jazz movements you see in hip hop

music videos today. Hip hop is also unique in that it is one of the few styles of dance that asks

dancers to hold true to its freestyle/improvisational roots.


Ballet for Adults!

Wednesdays October 5th-26th 6-7pm! Buy Now.

Did you always want to learn? You can.

This class is designed for students who wish to begin exploring Ballet.

Ballet is a dance practice that hones skills in form, grace and focus.

If you always wanted to try this amazing dance form, or if you are a dancer who wants to hone skills

that Ballet fosters such as technique, balance, posture,

turning confidence and more, this is a perfect class for you.

This is a fundamentals class, you do not need prior dance training to join!

Please wear stretchy clothing and either ballet or jazz flats (sock work too!). Join us for this four week series!

Beginner Ballroom Dance in October!

Ballroom for beginers and beyond! Hone your skills and learn classic formal dance! 

This beginner ballroom class series will introduce you to a fun variation in Waltz,

Tango and West Coast Swing, just in time to try it out at a birthday party, a wedding or a business even

Taught by SCT's own wonderful Angela Harris! 

Thusdays October 6th-27th, 8-9pm at SCT! Buy Now.

Salsa Styling and Hot-Rhythm Weekend with Charlene Rose! 

November 5th and 6th. 

Charlene Rose is back on November 5th and 6th to teach an exciting weekend of

sexy styling and technique as only she can! This weekend is suitible for beginner-advanced dancers and will

include Salsa styling, technique, Afro/Cuban, Mambo, Son, and just for a treat: Burlesque!

Register for the Whole Weekend.

Saturday November 5th: $20 per workshop. Register.

1-2pm:Styling Basics!

Learn to refine and add style your basic salsa step. Learn proper Latin motion and body movement,

proper usage of the arms, and styling options for both the arms and feet.

2-3pm:Flavor Invasion and partnering for Salsa!

Feeling a little stiff? Add more body motion to your Salsa dancing! Get a breakdown of basic Latin

body movement and steps of Afro-Cuban, Pachanga, Mambo, and Son while learning simple yet stylish ways

to add them to your Partner dancing. For Leads and Follows.

3-4pm: Latin Jazz!

In this class, Charlene will teach you a fun combo that blends some of the Latin rhythms and techniques

of Salsa/Mambo, Afro-Cuban, Cha-cha, etc, with modern, jazz and contemporary styles.

(No jazz experience necessary).

Sunday November 6th: $25 per Workshop. Register.

12-1:30pm:Afro-Cuban Shines

Afro-Cuban is a very earthy dance originating from Cuba, and ranges from very slow to very fast rhythms.

This class will not only ground you in the fundamentals, but you will also learn popular afro-cuban steps that you can

integrate into your dancing and give you that extra edge on the dance floor! This class will get your heart pumping and your body working!

1:30-3pm:Burlesque- The Art of Tease...

Whether you want to spice things up behind closed doors, add some sensual body motion and steps to your salsa,

bachata or zouk dancing, or just gain confidence and body awareness THIS IS THE CLASS FOR YOU!

Charlene will teach you a sexy Burlesque-inspired routine complete with flirtatious body movements,

seductive struts, and come-hither head whips! All levels welcome... LADIES ONLY!

Rhythm 101 for all dancers and drummers!

Beginning on Firdays from 7-8pm! Buy Now.

Join us for a unique class at SCT: $20 for Drop In.

Rhythm 101 is about learning how to bring your own music out!

No matter your style, a beginner or season pro these isolation exercises will

improve your sense of time, groove and ultimately Improvisation.

The fun part is that you will also be learning how to play drums and percussion.

The focus will be on Cuban and Puerto Rican music.$20 for Drop IN.

Drums and Percussion instruments provided.


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