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~Welcome to our Rotating Classes and Special Events Page~

Ballet for Beginners!

Style and Shines for Leads and Follows!

Charlene Rose in Seattle!

Seattle Kizomba Urban Intensive

Rhythm 101 for all dancers and drummers!

Ballet for Beginners

Cancelled for June.

May Wednesdays May 3rd-24th 6-7pm. Buy Now.

June Wednesdays June 7th-28th  6-7pm.

Did you always want to learn? You can.

This class is designed for students who wish to begin exploring Ballet.

Ballet is a dance practice that hones skills in form, grace and focus.

If you always wanted to try this amazing dance form, or if you are a dancer who wants to hone skills

that Ballet fosters such as technique, balance, posture,

turning confidence and more, this is a perfect class for you.

This is a fundamentals class, you do not need prior dance training to join!

Please wear stretchy clothing and either ballet or jazz flats (sock work too!).

Join us for this four week series!

Style and Shines for Leads and Follows!

With the great Angela Harris.

June 8th-29th 6-7pm. Buy Now.

This STYLE AND SHINE CHALLENGE class is designed for all level dancers.

It will begin from the basic steps and progressively

develop to intermediate advance level footwork and arm styling.

The class will include:

- Basic timing and steps broken down to counts and music

- Musicality

- Footwork

- Body movement

- Arms Styling, balance and body control.

Salsa Style Weekend with Charlene Rose!

Friday 7/14:

Join Charlene and Vassili for our regular Salsa and Bachata Drop-In Classes at 8pm and 9pm!

Then dance with us from 10pm-1am at our Salsa/Bachata Social, with a dance demo

by Charlene at 11pm! Pay at the door: $10/per class, $7 for the social. Or $22 for the whole night.

For Saturday/Sunday Work-Shops purchase in advance, or pay individually at the door...

Saturday 7/15: All Work-Shops on Saturday $45 in Advance-Buy Now.

12:1:30pm-Body Movement and Spins Technique-$25 At the Door

In the first half of this class, Charlene will break down various

body isolations and combinations and show you how to incorporate them into your

social dancing with ease.  In the second half of class, 

learn to execute sharp, quick, and controlled spins and turns.

Spinning and Turning Technique is extremely important for both Ladies and Gents to

achieve that desired sharpness and flare that every dancer strives for.

1:30-3pm-Partnering with Style for Leads and Follows With Vassili and Charlene!- $25 At the Door.

You will learn Technique & Style LIKE YOU'VE NEVER SEEN! Taught by Charlene with Vassili!

Charlene & Vassili will lead you through a simple, yet flashy and stylized partnering combo that will stand out on the dance floor,

and also be a lot of fun for both the Ladies and Guys. Focus will be placed on the following:

~Connection and details about the subtleties of leading (ie. twisting of wrists, points of compression during key moments of the move, etc).

- Hand placement- Arm placement- Styling within and coming out of spins- Stylish moves to do in a Cross Body Lead

- Styling in open stance- Styling in gentleman's closed lunge pose

- Head & shoulder styling- Hip movement- Leg styling using sweeps, scoops, and kicks for both

- Footwork during partnering- Polishing movement~


Sunday 7/16: All Work-Shops on Sunday $40 in Advance-Buy Now.

12-1pm- Afro-Cuban $22 at the door-

Afro-Cuban is a very earthy dance originating from Cuba, and ranges from very slow to very fast rhythms.

This class will not only ground you in the fundamentals, but you will also learn popular afro-cuban steps

that you can integrate into your dancing and give you that extra edge on the dance floor! This class will get your heart pumping and your body working!

1-2pm Latin Burlesque- $22 at the door. Ladies Only.

In this class you will learn a Sassy Latin Burlesque routine that combines the Spicy Flavor and Styling of Latin Dance

with the Sensual Sexiness of Burlesque. Learn flirtatious body movements, seductive struts,

come-hither head whips, and how to be a Diva on the dance floor!

See you there...

All Weekend $85 in Advance-Buy Now.

Rhythm 101 for all dancers and drummers!

Beginning on Firdays from 7-8pm! Buy Now.

Join us for a unique class at SCT: $20 for Drop In.

Rhythm 101 is about learning how to bring your own music out!

No matter your style, a beginner or season pro these isolation exercises will

improve your sense of time, groove and ultimately Improvisation.

The fun part is that you will also be learning how to play drums and percussion.

The focus will be on Cuban and Puerto Rican music.$20 for Drop IN.

Drums and Percussion instruments provided.

Seattle Kizomba Urban Intensive

June 16th, 17th, 18th at SCT!

Mark you calendars now for an intensive weekend of learning with artists who are rarely on the West Coast.

We're working on a program to bring you a different kind of experience not to be missed!

For schedule see the Facebook Invite

~With: Manuel and Flavie (Montreal) Charles Ogar (Austin) Marietta Villalobos (Austin)~

Workshops Saturday and Sunday~

DJs: DJ Farenji (Seattle), DJ Emanuel (Seattle/Angola, DJ josimar~

For Schedule and to Purchase Passes see Eventbrite!


Join us on Sunday December 11th for an afternoon of community appreciation!

We've had a great year dancing with all of you and we want to celebrate.

~December 11th, 3:30-6:30pm, No Charge~

Whether you're new to SCT, a past student, a current member of our dance family,

or you just heard of us, we'd love to see you!

~Open to public~

~food, drinks, treats~

~Social Dancing~

~mini dance lessons~

The Party:

First hour: Rotating sets of 10-minute dance lessons taught by our amazing SCT Instructors. Each of

whom will be instructing in their favorite dance form!

Then: Social Dancing, and ~Beverages~Pie~Treats!

We'll round out our party with dance performances and demos in Salsa, Zouk, Bachata, Tango and more...


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