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Welcome to our "Special Series and Workshops page!

Check out new classes and workshops and events coming up!

Dance Festival at the Center of the Universe!

Oaxia: The Fusion Dance

Salsa 101 and Salsa 2 Boot-camps.

Charlene Rose Salsa Workshops!

West Coast Swing!

  • Foot-Work for Salsa Four Week Series for Leads and Follows!

Tuesdays June 24th-July 15th 6-7pm!

This class will cover footwork techniques for you to advance your individual dancing as well as musicality!

 We will cover a complete footwork pattern that incorporates fundamental steps and techniques.  Open to leads and follows. 

  • Four Week SCT Dance Sampler!

Four Weeks of 1.5 hour workshops, each dedicated to a different

amazing dance form!

June 26th-July 17th 6:30-8pm!

You can take this class as a series for $68 total. Per workshop it is $20.

Week One: Salsa On2! The most fun you can have dancing! 1.5 hours of Basic Salsa On2!

This is a Salsa 101 class, but taught On2, On2 the other awesome rhythm! Wow your friends!

Week Two:West Coast Swing! The other kind of hop! Danced to pop music and super fun! Taught by our own

Week Three: Zouk! The Brazilian Dance Form! Sexy, lyrical and fast taking the world by storm!

Our Zouk-sterXtine Zouk is one of Seattle's most amazing and dynamic Zouk artists! Don't miss her class.

Benjamin Lofton, one of the rising stars of the West Coast Swing universe and a champion!

Week Four: Hip Hop! What a way to go out! Get with the groove and make it yours with the great Robert Luu!

  • Cha Cha On2! First Cha Cha Class in a while at SCT!

June 24th-July 15th 7-8pm!

"One-Two-Cha Cha Cha, one-two-cha cha cha..." But there is so much more to it!

Cha Cha is rhythmic, sensual, and very easy to pick up, but it is also a subtle and super sexy dance form

that has been a part of the Partner Dance World for a long time, and rightly so! It adds spice and  verve to all

other Partner Dances, it makes them more fun...

Cha Cha, the sexy, fun and easy dance form that compliments all other  Latin Partner Dance Forms!

This is a great way to begin in Latin Partner Dancing, or a great way to add to your skills!

Taught On2 just for spice!

Liz and Alberto of SCT!

Salsa 2 Weekend Boot-Camp!

  • July 12th, 1-5pm.
  • Continuing July 13th 3-6pm.

Two whole days of learning Sasla 2! Your next level, more technique and styling...

This is a weekend course.

Buy now to register or:

Email us to register online.

Salsa 101 Weekend  Boot-Camp! 

  • August 9th from 12-4pm
  • Continuing August 10th from 3-6pm.

Two whole days of learning how to dance Salsa from the ground up! Salsa 101curriculum in two days!

This is a great way to cover our 101 curriculum and some extra technique material not offered in the

four week series!

Buy now to register or:

Email us to register online.

Oaxia: The Fusion Dance! Email us to register.


Mondays September 1st-22nd 8:30-9:30pm.

Take dancing off of the dance floor and into your life with this unique dance form. It's an SCT original!

Partner dancing with no basic; if you are an intuitive dancer, or you want to be, this is the dance form for you.

While you will be learning the technique that makes this dance form so unique,

you'll also spend a day learning how to get in touch with your own emotions

and feelings as they relate to dance and music.  You will never forget or regret it...join the Flow...

The Dance Festival at the Center of the Universe!

September 5th-7th, brought to you by SCT!

Email us for more information!

Coming to you September 5-7, 2014 is an intimate and

unique celebration of dance!

Offering fantastic instructors, social dancing, and magic

of a congress with the local vibe added in!

Artists include but are not limited to:Willem Engel & Jolien (Netherlands),

Junyan/Danielle (Canada), Charlene Rose (USA) William & Paloma (Brazil),

Olaya Dende & Joel Beall (Spain/USA), Marc Brewer (USA),

Sarah Zucarro (USA), Xtine Zouk (USA), Miguel Monteiro (Portugal),

Tanya/Kevin (USA), Frances Tee (USA),

Jules/Melodie (Canada), Vassili and Xtine Zouk of SCT!

And many more!

We'll be using the infrastructure and charm of Fremont (Seattle) as the back-drop as we

bring people together for a unique Dance Festival focusing on Oaxia, Fusion, Zouk and Kizomba!

We'll be bringing out some of the world's greatest artists to instruct and perform! 

There will be Dancing in Outdoors at Seattle's lovely Gasworks Park, amazing workshops and dance parties,

and unbelievable performances! These dance forms have been illuminating and inspiring dancers for years,

and we feel like it's time they had their own festival!

This festival is also about the amazing neighborhood of Fremont!

We want our attendees to experience a city's flavor while enjoying this amazing dance event.

Fremont is often jokingly referred by the locals as "The Center of the Universe." 

It is a trendy, progressive Seattle neighborhood with beautiful scenery, restaurants, clubs, shops,

and quirky attractions all in a 5 block radius.  Including the famous "troll under the bridge" the

interesting and controversial Statue of Lenin, and the lovely waterfront!

Come dance, come learn, come explore as we bring you...The Dance Festival at the Center of the Universe!


A conversation.. a dance..a sip of wine....Come meet new people and move! 

Absolutely no dance experience or dance skill is required.

We'll teach simple, easy moves that all can learn.

The Evening:

First: We'll warm up with some sensitivity drills for Leads and Follows!   

Next: Lady's and Gents will separate to learn a simple and fun dance routine!

We'll help you connect and be put at ease with dancing! 

Then: The evening will be a mix of fun speed dating and group dance lesson!

We'll have 5 minute rotations for each couple. You'll get to dance and chat  with each person over wine and chocolate!

When the night is over you'll  email us the names of the Lady's and Gents you'd be interested in seeing again,

if that interest is reciprocated, we'll put you in touch!

 This is an event for the respectful and fun minded! Two left feet welcome! 

Date: Saturday July 19th from 7-9pm at our lovely Salsa Con Todo Studio... (Come at 6:45 for registration and check in).

Price: $29 if you register by July 12th. After July 12: $35.

Our suggested age range: 27-42, but if you're a bit younger or older that's fine!

Dress Code: Look as nice as you want, keep in mind:  you'll be active so we suggest that you not wear

anything too tight or restricting; you want feel comfortable dancing with new friends!

To register:  Buy Now

and then: Email us with the following details:

Name, Age, Gender, and your best contact Email Address.

You may also Email us if you prefer to register in person.

You'll get confirmation of your registration, and all pertinent details leading up to your evening!

Your dance Instructors/Hosts: SCT's fun and welcoming duo: Vassili, and liz Chu!


  • West Coast Swing with Ben Loften!

Buy Now to register online or:

Email us to register.


Mondays July 28th-August 18th 8:30-9:30pm. $55 per student.

September (West Coast Swing 2b):

Wednesdays September 3rd-24th 8:30-9:30pm.

This is West Coast baby! Fast, fun, lyrical,

danced to modern music and so up-beat and graceful! An amazing dance form!

This is not the Lindy, this is a more contemporary Swing.

Come learn with Ben Lofton a rising star in the West Coast Swing dance world,

and his lovely partner Laura McDowell!

  • Charlene Rose Sasla Workshops in July!
July 26th from 12-4pm and July 27th from 3-6pm.
Buy Now to register online Or:

Email us to register in person.

$100 for the whole weekend. A-La-Carte: $35 for Partner Styling, $25 for other workshops.

LADIES STYLING INTENSIVE: 12-1:30pm on Saturday.

In this class we cover foundations such as body isolation's, Latin hip and body motion,

and proper usage of the feet and arms. These foundations are essential in training your

body to have the required base to properly execute more complex styling and body movements.

Charlene then teaches you a short choreography reinforcing the foundational techniques

learned and integrating it with the music and all of it's subtleties and accents.

You will learn to be a dynamic dancer with head accents, arm styling, body motion,

footwork, level & facing changes, and syncopation's.


Learn some sexy, spicy moves to give you confidence and look hot on the dance floor!

Ladies, go from bashful to breathtaking in this intensive class. You will learn the following:

Styling within turns, Styling within cross-body leads, Styling in open stance, Styling in gentleman's closed lunge pose,

Head & arm styling, Proper connection, Proper body movement during partner dancing, Leg flicks, kicks, and rondes,

Footwork during partnering, Awareness of musicality, Grace within movement, Using natural momentum to your advantage

How to look confident during styling, Dancing etiquette

Gentlemen welcome to help out!



Afro-Cuban is a very earthy dance originating from Cuba, and ranges from very slow to very fast rhythms.

This class will not only ground you in the fundamentals, but you will also learn popular Afro-cuban steps

that you can integrate into your dancing and give you that extra edge on the dance floor!

This class will get your heart pumping and your body working!


You will learn a flashy footwork combo which incorporates body movement, syncopation's

and level and facing changes to add pizazz and dynamic to your movement. Charlene will

also go over the very specific techniques for carrying out sharp, quick, and controlled spins and turns.

Spinning and Turning Technique is extremely important for both Ladies and Gents to

achieve that desired sharpness and flare that every dancer strives for.

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