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Welcome to our Special Series and Workshops page!

Check out new classes and Events coming up!

VA Concert!

Kid's Dance!

Lead's Styling in Partnership 4 week series!

Musicality with Vassili!

Belly Dance/Fusion!

Charelene Rose: Ladies Styling Weekend!



Lead's Styling In Partnership 4 Week Series!

January 5th-January 26th 6-7pm.

Why leave all the styling to the Lady's? Leads, if you want to improve your partner skills,

technique and flair, take this class. You'll work on elements of Lead Techniqe that are essential

if you want to improve your skills as a dancer and a partner! Taught by Vassili!

Register Online or Via Email.

Musicality with Vassili!

This class will teach you how to understand and work with musicality:

What is Salsa music? How did it start? How do I find the 1? Ever asked yourself these questions?

The answers are all in our musicality class. Here we'll show how to really apply Salsa music to your

dancing! a skill which is integral to your ability to improve and shine as a dancer! $55 per student.


Mondays February 9th-March 2nd 5:45-6:45pm

Register Online or Via Email.

  • Beginner Belly Dance/Fusion Class!

Tuesday April 21st-May 10th 9-10pm.

Buy Now or Email us to register.

Come learn all the isolations and musicality that will help you in your latin dances in this bellydance fusion class!

This series will cover head, shoulder, ribcage and hip isolations, body rolls, across-the-floor movement

and a warm-up designed to increase your flexibility and strength.

Wear comfortable pants that you can move in (no jeans!) You may bring a skirt

or scarf to tie around your waist after the warm-up if you like. No shoes.

This class can be beneficial to both women and men because isolations and musicality are required for all dancers in all art-forms,

but particularly salsa, bachata and zouk!

Register Online or Via Email.

How to Dance in Heels!

This special class taught by our own Natalya is designed to help follows learn the skills to dance properly in Heels!

It is so sexy and so thrilling to move in heels for partner-dancers! The goal is for your body to be able to maneuver freely in any pair of

shoes after learning this information.The priority of these lessons will be to help you subconsciously develop safe habits in order

to prevent twisted ankles, loss of balance, and falling, while building confidence in your stride. We will learn to walk, turn,

and dance with quality, class, and attitude.But correct technique and styling is so important, not only

both for the health of your feet, but also to be able to dance in heels with confidence! $55 per student.


Wednesdays February 11th-March 4th 8:30-9:30pm.

Register Online or Via Email.


Dance Training Teams At Salsa Con Todo!

Closed for 2015.

Train in Salsa for a Full Year at Salsa Con Todo and join a vibrant dance community!

All experience levels welcome. We are still accepting applications for Team C 2015!

You'll Train for 3 hours a week for the full year and take as many Group Series classes as you want,

some of our Goup Classes will be required as part of your training.

Team Dues include all SCT Group Series classes for the year and most Boot-Camps!

you'll dance more than you ever have...

We have three teams to choose from:

Team C: Beginner Team,no performance technique, ensemble and partner work

cumulative throughout the year. Sundays-4-7pm.

Team C2: Into-Intermediate Team,no performance harder and more intense technique and parther work

cumulative throughout the year. Sundays 3-7pm.

Team B: Intermediate Team, Performance Optional, Intense Technique, Partnerwork and Ensemble work

cumulative throughout the year.

For Information on Joining Team 2015, Team Dues, Start Dates and Orientation,

Email us with your Experience level and phone number.

Join us Saturday, April 25th at 7pm at SCT Studios for a wondrous concert with VA!

This concert will raise funds to help them record their first album!

There is no charge for the concert, but VA invites you to donate to their campaign on Indigogo

and help them raise funds to record their album! Donate Here!

Then, come see them in concert on April 25th at 7pm at Salsa Con Todo Dance Studio!

In case you missed their first sold out performance,

VA is a Seattle-based five piece world-Americfolk band,

blending melody, dance and culture in rhythm.

Their music is flavored with Greek Rembetica, as well as Turkish and American folk!

Five part vocal harmonies,  Salsa and Flamenco also play a part in this unique and powerful musical experience.

The live show includes audience participation in percussive elements and song, it is a night to remember!

Self realization and unity through music is VA's message. Their plan is to record singles throughout the summer and fall

of 2015 and release them for free donation-based download accompanied by awesome music videos. Join us for a free concert!

  • Kids Dance (Latin Rhythms and Movement for Children)! $60 per Kid!

Kid's Dance Four Week Workshop will introduce your little one to Latin Rhythm and movement!

We'll include some Merengue, Salsa and Bachata movement, but this is not a partner dance class.

Best for Kids ages 6-10.

March 16th-April 6th 4-4:45pm.

Register Online

Or Via Email

  • Charlene Rose Lady's Styling Weekend!

$30 per workshop, or take the whole weekend for $100!

Saturday May 16th:

12-1pm Styling Basics: Learn to refine and add style your basic Salsa step.

Learn proper Latin motion and body movement, proper usage of the arms, and styling options for both the arms and feet.

Buy Now or Email us to register.

1-2pm Cross Body Lead & Basic Turn Styling:

Learn simple, yet elegant and eye-catching styling options for Cross Body Leads and Basic turns.

Buy Now or Email us to register.

Sunday  May 17th

12-1pm: Turn Technique & Partnering Styling:
Learn proper technique and styling for solo turns and turn variations with a partner, as

well as styling options for the Gentleman's break.

Buy Now or Email us to register.

1-2pm Solo Shines with Ladies Styling:
Learn a few short, fun and sexy Ladies Styling Solo shine combos that you

can incorporate into your social dancing right away and make you stand out on the dance floor.

Buy Now or Email us to register.

Purchase whole weekend Online, or Via Email.

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