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SCT Dance Teams 2016!


Gyrokinesis Drop In Class!

Beginning Friday September 4th 7-8pm!

The Gyrokinesis method is a movement method that gently works the entire body, opening energy pathways,

stimulating the nervous system, increasing range of motion, and creating functional strength through rhythmic,

flowing movement sequences. It is an original, and unique movement method which has

benefits & qualiies similar to those found in Yoga, Tai Chi, gymnastics, and dance.

$15 per class as a Drop In! Taught by Jennifer Brunner.

Jennifer loves sharing her dual passions for Argentine Tango and Gyrokinesis with students all over the Seattle area.

Jennifer, stumbled into Tango in 2011 and was instantly hooked by the beauty, complexity and intimacy of the dance.

She has been teaching Tango all over Seattle since 2013.

Jennifer has studied the Gyrotonic Method for over a decade and is a certified Gyrokinesis instructor

who teaches dancers and people with chronic pain in the Seattle area. She has trained extensively with master trainers

like Mia Munroe and Magali Messac to refine her teaching and technique.

Her passion is to help students organize their bodies to look and feel their best on and off the dance floor.

She is excited to be sharing her love for both of these

beautiful movement disciplines with the students at Salsa Con Todo.

  • Tarraxhina Four Week Series with Galina (five hours)!

This Class may be taken as a Drop In for $15 (cash or check only)!

Fresh off of teaching her wonderful Kimmersion at SCT, Galina now offers a Four Week Tarraxhina course!

Mondays June 1st-June 22nd 6-7pm (6-8 on the 22nd).

Buy Now to register for the full series or register via Email.

Tarraxinha is a body movement often added as a part of Kizomba dance.

Fill in those slow beats in Kizomba, master your body isolation's and take your connection with

your partner to the next level! Class will include:

What is Tarraxinha and where is the place for it in Kizomba~How do you move your body and

lead your partner~Foundational vocabulary of Tarraxinha moves that can be combined in any way~How to lead and

follow Tarraxinha even without using your hands!


  • Beginner Belly Dance/Fusion Class!

Tuesday April 21st-May 10th 9-10pm.

Buy Now or Email us to register.

Come learn all the isolations and musicality that will help you in your latin dances in this bellydance fusion class!

This series will cover head, shoulder, ribcage and hip isolations, body rolls, across-the-floor movement

and a warm-up designed to increase your flexibility and strength.

Wear comfortable pants that you can move in (no jeans!) You may bring a skirt

or scarf to tie around your waist after the warm-up if you like. No shoes.

This class can be beneficial to both women and men because isolations and musicality are required for all dancers in all art-forms,

but particularly salsa, bachata and zouk!

Register Online or Via Email.


Dance Training Teams At Salsa Con Todo 2016!

Train for a Full Year at Salsa Con Todo and join a warm, vibrant dance community!

All experience levels welcome. We are now accepting applications for Teams 2016!

Teams begin in January 2016! Email us with your Experience level and phone number.

You'll Train for 3 hours a week for the full year and take as many Group Series classes as you want,

some of our Goup Classes will be required as part of your training.

Team Dues include all SCT Group Series classes for the year and most Boot-Camps!

you'll dance more than you ever have...

We have several wonderful teams to choose from:


Team C: (On1 only) Beginner Team, no performance; technique, ensemble and partner work

Experience: No experience required, this is a training Team!

cumulative throughout the year. Sundays-4-7pm.

Team B (On2 and On1): Intermediate Team Intense Technique, Partnerwork and Ensemble work.

experience: Must have taken one year of Team C, or by audition.

Performance Team: You'll work with choreography all year, this is an intense and rewarding team.

intermediate students! Cumulative throughout the year.

Experience: By Audition only.


Zouk Training Team:
Training on timing, technique, connection for intermediate/advanced dancers.

Goals: Excellence in social dancing; training can lead to performance team member ship.

Prerequisites: Apprenticeship Program + 6 months of zouk classes and social dancing experience, or through approval of Xtine.

Zouk Performance Team: Training on advanced topics, performance training, high level choreography, with multiple shows.

Expect some teacher training. Prerequisites: Audition Only. Tuesdays 8-9pm.

Apprenticeship: July 2016 - December 2016; What to expect: training on timing, technique, connection for beginning intermediate zoukers.

Goals: To prep dancers for training team the following year.

Prerequisites: 6 months of zouk classes and social dancing, or through approval of Xtine.

Tango Teams:

Tango Training Team: Training on timing, movement and technique. Ensemble and partner-work. No performance.

Experience: no experience required.

Tango Performance Team: Advanced topics and technique, performance and partner-work. Experience: By audition only.

For Information on Joining Team 2016, Team Dues, Start Dates and Orientation,

Email us with your experience level and phone number.


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