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Salsa Con Todo Dance Teams are focused, cumulative dance-programs.

designed to immerse you in your dance form while joining a warm, vibrant community.

Monthly Dues include weekly team practice; free admission to weekly Social Dances and Drop In Classes in all dance forms

and monthly Group Classes related to your dance form ; 50% discounts on monthly group classes

 in alternate dance forms; 15% discounts on private lessons;

30% discount on our National and International Guest Instructors and more.

see FAQs for details.

Lindy Dance Team comprises two 6-month semesters: Jan-June; July-December. To join you

must enroll in a full semester.

You may enroll in a Training Team for Lindy with minimal experience.


Lindy Hop Dance Team 2018!

Join us for SCT's first Lindy Hop Dance Team!  The awesome Elaine Buchignani and Stefan Huyn

will be leading your Lindy adventure.

Practice: Thursdays 8:30-10:00pm.

This is a training team, which means that minimal experience is required*.

Performance is not planned, (though options for performance may be included if desired).

This team is designed to grow your abilities as a social Lindy Hop and authentic

vernacular jazz dancer.

We will learn classic Lindy Hop coupled and solo jazz routines to build an understanding of the

history of the dance and the context of its movements.

This is a study team focused on building connection, musicality, and historical understanding.


Completion of Beginner Lindy Hop 4-week Series

with Elaine Buchignani and Stefan Huyn at SCT.

If you have questions regarding the team, experience, or dues,  Email us.

Cumulative for  6-months.

Connect with SCT

Connect and interact with us through Facebook or You Tube and soon on Twitter. Watch this area for new ways for SCT students to connect with each other in Seattle…

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