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Learn Salsa in a nurturing, exciting and social environment.  Discover the incredible art of Salsa from the ground up!  

No Partner required. 101 classes require no experience at all. All Ages.


Unless specified, classes take place as scheduled. If a class is noted that it will skip due to a holiday, we make it up the following week!

All our Four Week Series Classes are cumulative courses. Each class is 1.5 hours and they meet once a week for four weeks.

Please note: if you pay at the door for any group class, city tax of  5% and square surcharge apply. These charges do not apply if you

purchase in advance.

See below for our different classes in Salsa.

Salsa 101 four week series.


Salsa 2 four week series.


Salsa 3 four week series

Salsa 2.5!

Salsa Styling and Technique classes.

Salsa weekend Boot-Camps.


Series classes $79 total, 1.5 hour classes once a week for 4 weeks.

Weekend Boot-Camps $85 per student 6 hours over the weekend.


  • Salsa 101 Four Week series. 6:30-8pm Wednesdays and Thursdays monthly.

For your convenience, we now offer two 101 series beginning in September!

September Series Wednesdays: September 20th-October 11th.  Buy Now.

September Series Thursdays: September 21st-October 12th. Buy Now.

October Series Wednesdays: October 25th-November 15th. Buy Now.

October Series Thursdays:
October 26th-November 16th.
Buy Now.

Definitely our most popular class. Learn Salsa from the Ground up in this comprehensive series.

You will learn all the necessary fundamentals of Salsa in a nurturing and exciting environment.

Whether you just want to go out dancing, or prepare to continue your salsa education,

this class is the best.

Prepares you for 102 Includes: Salsa Basic, Side-breaks,Back Breaks,

Ladies and Men's Right- hand turns, Cross Body Lead (CBL),

Inside and Outside Turns, Musicality, Cross Points, and much much more.

Salsa Styling for Follows and Leads! With Liz Chu.

This four-week course will inject extra style and flair to your social dancing.

taught by SCT's own Liz Chu!


Tuesdays 6-7pm September 19th-October 10th. Buy Now.

This class is designed for any student who has completed Salsa 101/Salsa 2

and are confident with the basic steps.

Follows and Leads are welcome!

Over the 4 week series, we will focus on the basic body movement, styling, and timing.

We will also go over a piece of footwork designed to incorporate the techniques from class

so you can practice at home or take it out on the dance floor!

Salsa Technique: Musicality and Body-Movement.

With the wonderful Diane Rico!

Wednesday September 20th-October 11th. 8:15-9:15pm. Buy Now.

This four-week series will provide intermediate dancers with tools to develop strong connections

to their partners, the music, and their own bodies.

Every class will include a body movement exercise to improve partner connection

and develop a smooth dance style.

Students will learn moves that can be used to respond to changes

in the music and add flavor to partner work and shines.

Throughout the series, we will learn a simple footwork pattern that can be customized to respond to different songs.

Salsa 2.5 with Angela Harris!

Thursdays 6:15-7:45pm August 17th-September 7th. Buy Now.

This is a transition-to Salsa 3 class for students who are hoping to hone Salsa 2 skills

before joining Salsa 3!

Taught by our own amazing Angela Harris, one of Seattle's most talented Salsa Artists.

If you want to take Salsa 3, but you don't know if you are quite ready,

take Salsa 2.5 and hone the techniques you need to move on.

We'll work on: Inside/Outside turns; copas; arm tosses; foot-work; hammerlocks; and more...


  • Salsa 2 (102) Four Week Series Wednesdays 8:15-9:45pm:

September Series: September 20th-October 11th: Buy Now.

October Series *Class near full - Registration will be closing end of day, 10/10*: October 25th-November 15th  Buy Now

Includes: a variety of techniques for 101 students, cross body leads with open breaks, more advanced

progressive turn patterns, hammer locks, and much, much more. The perfect class to prepare you for the

3&4  series.


  • Salsa 3 Four Week Series Mondays 8:15-9:45pm:

September Series: September 18th-October 9th Buy Now.

October Series: October 23rd-November 13th. Buy Now.

To Join please be sufficient in: Hammerlocks with all hand connections CBL into hammerlocks

blind turns with half-and-halfs warmups include new footwork: crossovers, suzy Q, hook step, half-and-halfs.


Salsa Weekend Boot-Camps:

For students who cannot attend the Four Week series!

A super-fun way to learn the Salsa 101 and Salsa 2 curriculum!

Salsa 101 Weekend Boot-Camp! Buy Now.

  • November 4th/5th 2017 12-3pm each day.

Two whole days of learning how to dance Salsa from the ground up! This is a fun and active way to

spend the weekend. You'll take the whole Salsa 101 curriculum, plus extra technique in this 6

Boot-Camp over two days!


Salsa 2 Weekend Boot-Camp! Buy Now.

  • November 11th/12th 2017 12-3pm both days.

 Your next level, with more challenging technique and styling...two days of beginner/intermediate Salsa!






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