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SCT Salsa Dance Teams for January 2017!

Salsa Con Todo Dance Teams are cumulative Twelve or Six Month courses

designed to immerse you in dance while joining a warm, vibrant community!

Dance Team Dues include free admission SCT Monthly Group Classes, Social Dances and Drop In Classes; flat rates

for Private Lessons; 30% discount on our National and International Guest Instructors and more.

Email us to Enroll/Inquire. Pay your First/Last month's dues here.

Salsa Team C (training/beginner).

Salsa Team B (beginner/intermediate).

Salsa A-Team (Performance/top level)!

Salsa Team C: Beginner/Training Team.

Salsa Team C (Beginner/Training Team On1 and On2) 2017:

Sundays in January 2017, 4-6pm.

Email us at salsatodo@gmail.com to enroll/inquire.

This will be a fun year of learning how to make salsa feel easy.

We'll work on integrating professional aspects of dance into your social dancing

and creating soul and musicality.

~There will be a heavy focus on social dancing and technique.

~Getting out of your head and into your body.

~Learning how to practice on your own.

~Progressing as a dancer throughout the year.

~ Unlocking inspiration and creativity.

~Getting comfortable dancing On1 and On2.

~We'll sample other dance forms including Bachata, Zouk, Tango and more.

~No Performance.

Curriculum: Salsa 1-3 with complex patterns, detail and technique. Half of each practice will be practicing social dancing in class with your team.

Experience: No experience required, this is a training Team!

Cumulative throughout the year. Sundays-4-6pm.

Instructors: Vassili and Asta!

Salsa Team B (On2 and On1): Intermediate Training Team!

Intense Technique, Partner-work and Ensemble work.

Social dancing, foot-work and musicality. This team is a jumping-off point for you to

becom really comfortable with higher level technique and On2! We'll have a lot of fun

challenging ourselves as dancers and delving deeper into the art form of Salsa...

This Team is included in Team C 2017 Dues. If you join Team C 2017, you may

practice with Team B 2017 for no additional dues fee.

Experience: Must have taken one year of Salsa Team C, or by audition.

Auditions for Salsa Team B and A-Team will be on December 11th 2016 at 12pm.

Cumulative throughout the year. Sundays 6:15-8:15pm.

Instructors: Vassili and Angela Harris!

Salsa A-Team: Performance Team!

Our Top Level Salsa Team!

Two Six-Month Teams:

Our First Six-Months: Marcelo Garces, the legendary dancer and teacher is returning after a long absence,

to head our Salsa On2 Dance Team! he's bringing all the flavor of his legendary Salsa Salvaje team with him!

his will be a fun, upbeat journey into musicality, body movement and social dancing.

It will be passionate and intense; you will be preparing for performance later in the year and/or just

working on honing your skills as a dancer with your fellow team-members.

Experience: Demonstrate sufficient ability to dance On2/Completion of Team B 2016.

Your Audition preparation should involve ability to execute On2:

right turns, left turns, cross body leads, multiple turns inside turns, outside turns,

copas, sliding doors, 3-60s, back spot turns, Axel turns Suzy Q, Afro-Cuban for foot-work,

Also Acceptable: completion of the current Team B Dance Team for 2016.

Our 2nd Six-Months of Team-A: Choreography! Salsa On2 to be performed at the Seattle Salsa Congress!

We'll take all we learned during the first half of the year and we'll apply it to a fantastic choreography to

performe the Seattle Salsa Congress in 2017!

Experience: Audition only. Auditions for Salsa Team B and A-Team will be on December 11th 2016 at 12pm.

*You may take A-Team as a full year team, or choose the track you wish to work on for six months.

This is an intense and rewarding team.

Cumulative throughout the year. Thursdays 8-10pm with special rehearsals Sundays TBA throughout the year.

Instructors: Marcelo Garcas Jan-June! Vassilli/Angela July-December!

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