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All SCT Dance Teams are designed to immerse you in your dance form while joining a warm, vibrant community.

Dance Team Dues include free admission SCT Monthly Group Classes, Social Dances and Drop In Classes; flat rates

for Private Lessons; 30% discount on our National and International Guest Instructors and more.

All  Salsa Teams are cumulative for 12-months with option to switch your level quarterly.

No experience is needed to enroll in a training team; other teams may require some experience or auditions.

Email us to Enroll/Inquire. Pay your First/Last month's dues here.

Salsa Team C (training/beginner).

Salsa Team B (1st level/intermediate)

Salsa A-Team (2nd level intermediate).

Salsa Performance Team.

Ladies Styling and Choreography Team

Salsa Team C: Beginner/Training Team.

Sundays in January 2018, 4-6pm.Taught On1.

Email us at salsatodo@gmail.com to enroll/inquire.

This will be a fun year of learning how to make salsa feel easy.

We'll work on integrating professional aspects of dance into your social dancing

and creating soul and musicality.

~There will be a heavy focus on social dancing and technique.

~Getting out of your head and into your body.

~Learning how to practice on your own.

~Progressing as a dancer throughout the year.

~ Unlocking inspiration and creativity.

~Getting comfortable dancing On1 and On2.

~We'll sample other dance forms including Bachata, Zouk, Tango and more.

~No Performance.

Curriculum: Salsa 1-3 with complex patterns, detail and technique. Half of each practice will be practicing social dancing in class with your team.

Experience: No experience required, this is a training Team!

Cumulative throughout the year. Sundays-4-6pm.

Instructors: Vassili.

Team B: Intermediate Team.

Team B is designed for graduates of Team C with a focus on

more challenging technique and social dancing skills.

~We will create flow and improve social dance skills

using Salsa level three patterns and techniques.

~Team members will begin to integrate body movement while doing upper level techniques.

~Begin delving into more serious footwork which will include but not be limited to,

syncopations, Afro-Cuban, Latin jazz, intermediate spinning, and Pechanga.

~Lady styling during partner work becomes a much bigger focus in the second year,

highlighting hijacks, preps, contra body movement, and isolations.

~We'll be working on leading and following techniques.

Team B is there to get it's leaders and followers dancing at a proficient Salsa three level in perparation for Team A.

Instructors: Vassili and Christina Walker!

Experience: completion of Team C or by invitation/audition. Students may request to audtion with the instructor or audition

on Orientation day, December 10th 2018.

Practice: Thursdays 7-9pm.

Salsa Performance Team.

With SCT's own talented Kate Paisley and the wonderful Manolo Aguilera.

SCT's Performance Team!

This is an On2  Dance-Team!

This team will be working on honing performance skills while

learning an amazing choreography. Then we'll be performing at congresses and other


By audition only: Audition Date TBA

Experience: Must demonstrate proficiency in Lead/Follow axel turns; three sixties; sliding doors;

copas; backspot turns; inside/outside turns; flat backs.

Salsa A-Team: 2nd Level Intermediate Team.

Salsa On2 technique and social dancing skills.

Experience: Demonstrate sufficient ability to dance On2 and some experience with:

Lead/Follow axel turns; three sixties; sliding doors;

copas; backspot turns; inside/outside turns; flat backs.

Current Team Members  please Email us to re-up. We'll set up dues for you and send 

you your Agreement Form.

To Join as a new Team Member: Email us that you are interested, then

come to a Team C practice any Sunday at 5:30 any week through July 6th. Prospective new members must

practice with Team C for the last half hour and then dance with Vassili in order to recieve A-Team Approval.

Once you have recieved permission to join A-Team we'll set up your monthly dues and send you your Team Agreement Form.

This is an intense and rewarding team.

Cumulative throughout the year. Thursdays 8-10pm with special rehearsals Sundays TBA throughout the year.

Instructors: Angela Harris/ Victor Dominguez.

Ladies Styling and Choreography Team

Christina Walker, one of Seattle's most respected Salsa and Bachata artists.

will be bringing her amazing skills to SCT Dance Teams in 2018 beginning with her specialty: Ladies Styling!

Christina will work with you on conditioning for dance, core work, ballet exercises, stretching,

body isolations, spin drills, timing, footwork, across the floor work,

You'll also work with musicality expressed in choreography and of course tons of styling!

Christina says: For my ladies team I want to work on 3 different

choreographies through out the year ..... Salsa, Bachata and

hip hop/Latin fusion. We will work on each choreography for 4 months,

perfecting the movement and you will have the option of performing them with me.

Practice: Tuesdays January 2018, 8-9: 45pmpm.

Experience: 9-months to a year of salsa study and social dancing. Questions?  Email us.

Instuctor: Christina Walker

Email us
to Enroll. Pay your First/Last Month's Dues here.

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