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The Argentine Tango...One of the loveliest, most lyrical, mysterious and graceful Latin Partner dances ever conceived....

Join us to learn this incredible dance form from the ground up.

You can take these classes as Drop Ins for $15 for Beginner classes and $20 for Intermediate classes! 

All our Four Week Series Classes are cumulative courses.  Each class is 1 hour and they meet once a week for four weeks.

Beginner Argentine Tango Series.

 Intermediate Argentine Tango Series.

Tango Basic's Drop In Class: Walking&Connection.

Tango Para Todo Social dance!

SCT is proud to introduce the lovely Gwen Richard as our Argentine Tango Instructor!

Gwen brings a lifetime of movement-arts to her dancing.

Gwen's structured work environment in her classes fosters

motivation and love of the dance form in her students. Her nurturing style of instruction

will challenge and support you in your Argentine Tango journey,

while keeping the experience fun and dynamic. SCT is excited to welcome Gwen to our Dance Family!

Argentine Tango Beginner Series: Tuesdays in February from 7:00-8:00pm.

February 21st-March 14th.
Buy Now.

March 28th-April 18th 7:15-8:15pm  Buy Now.

May be taken as a Drop In Class for $15. Or purchased as a Full Series.

In this four week series you'll learn essential movements of Tango to begin

improvising this dance with a high level of connection and great natural feeling movement.

Learn the basic dynamics and connection of Argentine Tango. We will cover:

~The Walk

~Walking to the cross.

~Rock steps, triple steps, and musical walking.

~The ocho cordado.

~The embrace, proper connection and musicality.

Argentine Tango Intermediate Class: Tuesdays 8-9pm.

Beginning in March, Intermediate Tango will be from 8:15-9:15pm.

February 21st-March 14th. Buy Now

March 28th-April 18th. Buy Now.

Get fluent in salon technique, drill, work, and play. We will add more variety in steps,

work on our hiros (turns), ochos, and navigation, introduce walking in the cross system,

and generally have fun.

Argentine Tango Back to Basics. Weekly Drop-In Class with Gwen Richard:

1 hour Drop-In class every Sunday 7pm-8pm $5 at the door.

Work on the Basics of the Argentine Tango Including:




Be ready to do drills and have fun. All levels welcome


Tango Para Todo Social! With Jennifer Bruner.

Tango Social at Salsa Con Todo, hosted by Jennifer Bruner! 8-10 pm,.

1st/3rd Sunday. Starting March 5th!







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