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Brazilian Zouk...This dance form started out as Lambada, the forbidden dance.

You'll learn connection, transitions, flow, and the ABCs of Zouk moves for this lovely and lyrical dance form hailing from Brazil!

Four Week Series: $62 per student. Zouk Social $5 per student.

All our Four Week Series Classes are cumulative courses. Each class is 1.5 hours and they meet once a week for four weeks.

Intro Zouk Series!

Zouk Level 2!

Zouk Level 3!

Evelyn Magyari Work-Shops!


Zouk'N'Fusion Social Dance!




Intro To Zouk Series.

Mondays 6:15-7:15pm.


February: February 20th-March 13th. Buy Now.

March: March 27th-April 17th. Buy Now.

Join us to learn Brazilian Zouk from the ground up at Salsa Con Todo!

Get on board to learn this dance form

growing every more popular around the world, free flowing, graceful, fun and easily creative, Zouk!

This Foundational course will help you grasp basic Zouk Flow and Technique...

Zouk Level 2: 

Mondays 7:15-8:15pm.

February: February 20th-March 13th. Buy Now.

March: March 27th-April 17th. Buy Now.

This class is for the intermediate dancer who has a solid understanding of Zouk basics and is

looking to explore outside of The typical box they dance in.

We will show you how to use precision lead and follow and

awareness of limits in order to open up infinite possibilities of creative potential.

Zouk Level 3!

Thursdays February 23rd-March 7-8pm  16th. Buy Now.

Tuesdays March 28th-April 18th 6:15-7:15pm. Buy Now.

This class is for students who are familair with/have completed material for Intro-Zouk 2.

Evelyn Magyari Zouk Weekend!

March 24th-26th at SCT!

All Weekend: Buy Now.


Zouk Drop-In Class 9pm followed by a Zouk social! $15 at the door.

Saturday work-shops: Buy Now

12-1:30pm: Lead/Follow Creativity.


1:30-3pm: Connection In Zouk.

Sunday work-shops: Buy Now.

12-1pm: Upper Body Technques.

1-2pm: Musicality.

2-3pm: Zouk Techniques.

 Evelyn is one of the most top and sought after Brazilian Zouk performer, teacher, and choreographer in the world.

Evelyn has her own special art of moving and interpreting the music: very sensual, smooth and fluent like no other.

According to her is dancing 'the Brazilian Zouk' a combination of creating with a lots of

feeling and passion on/with the music at the same time!
Over the years she has been visiting many countries

in Europe and the Southern of America with great teachers such as Pasty, Mafiezouker, Adilio Porto Xandy Liberato and many others!

Currently she is traveling the world studying and sharing her passion for the Brazilian Zouk Dance. We're honored to have

her here at SCT in March 2017!

Jefferson Dadinho! One day, 3 work-shops! Zouk with a master...

Teacher, dancer and choreographer, Jefferson Dadinho is one of the most demanded zouk teachers today.

He became publicly acknowledged by Brazilian and international adoption of his own style

by applying general techniques of Street Dance into social dancing.

As a choreographer, he works with bands performing concerts in Brazil, Croatia, Slovenia,

Italy and various other countries around the world. SCT is proud to offer our Zouk Community

the chance to work with him!

$25 Per Work-Shop. Buy Now. $69 for all of them. Buy Now.

Saturday, September 3rd:

1-2pm: R&B Zouk Fundamentals.

2-3pm:  Footwork.

3-4pm:  Advanced Patterns.

Zouk for Westies and WCS for Zouker! With Xtine..
September 24 2016 from7pm-11pm, join us for 3 hours of workshops designed 

to introduce Zouk to West Coast Swing addicts and West Coast Swing to Zouk-ers!

These are Advanced//Fast Paced beginner classes designed for experienced dancers wanting to cross over...

Don't miss it! $25 per workshop Buy Now. or $45 for the whole night. Buy Now.

7-8:30pm: Zouk for Westies. 

West Coast Swing for Zoukers.

10pm: Swouk Social! Dance and practice what you learned! 


Zouk'NFusion Social Dancing

  • Mondays-10pm-12am!

Explore your exotic side at SCT’s Fusion Flow night with an evening dedicated to Brazilian Zouk!

This is a space for lyrical and creative souls to explore the art of movement on their own terms.

With an emphasis on energy flow and innovative connections, fusion flow is especially for dancers

that yearn to stretch their boundaries with a sensual twist. Zouk Dancers unite!



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