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Salsa Con Todo Dance Teams are focused, cumulative dance-courses.

Some teams include Performance, some are Training Teams to improve skill and hone

understanding of social dancing and technique.

All SCT Dance Teams are designed to immerse you in your dance form while joining a warm, vibrant community!

Dance Team Dues include free admission SCT Monthly Group Classes, Social Dances and Drop In Classes; flat rates

for Private Lessons; 30% discount on our National and International Guest Instructors and more.

First and last month's dues due upon enrolling.

You may set up Dues

Email us to Enroll/Inquire.

Kelsey's Foundational Zouk Team.

Robert & Cat's Zouk Team.

Xtine's Semi Pro Advanced Zouk Team.

Kelsey's Zouk Apprentice Team-Foundational Zouk Team.

 Email us to inquire/enroll.

Training on timing, technique, connection for beginning/intermediate Zouk-ers!

We will build a strong foundation of Brazilian Zouk

technique that will let you move on to more advanced moves in a safe,

body-and-partner-aware way.

Goals: To help dancers understand how to connect to their partners,

be musical in their dances, 
and lead/follow in an awesome yet technical way.

This will prep dancers for one of the more advanced training teams the following year.

Experience: Completion of Zouk 101 and 102 or instructor approval

Cumulative for 12-months with option to switch out quarterly, Wednesdays: 7-8:30pm.

Robert & Cat's Zouk Team-(Rio Zouk, R&B Zouk).

Email us to inquire/enroll.

Training Track:

Goals: Developing individual technique and comfort in social dancing with style.

You will continue to learn the fundamentals of Rio zouk, as well as more

movement for social dancing. Learn how to style and groove with your dancing socially.

We'll use elements of rio zouk, R&B zouk and more

Experience: Completion of Kelsey's Apprentice team or prior zouk team.

Cumulative for six-months, Mondays: 8:15-9:45pm.

Robert and Cat's Performance Team!

Goals: To perform and have fun, developing your Zouk techniqe and performance skills!

In this team you will be able to learn more advance zouk movements for choreography and performances.

You will be performing in at least 1 congress. Performances will be locally as well as nationally.

Partnerships will be matched, unless requested otherwise. Additional rehearsals will be required as performances come up.

Experience: Completion of Kelsey's Apprentice team or prior zouk team. Mondays: 8:15-9:45pm.

*This team works with a new choreography each trimester.

The team choreography resets throughout the year.

Robert&Cat's Performance Team will be performing in August at:

The Seattle Dance Festival and Zouk Mx.

Cumulative for 12-months with option to switch out quarterly

Xtine's Semi-Pro Team: Advanced Team.

Goal: Train for 12 months on technique to become a semi-pro Zouk dancer.

For 6 months we'll train in ballet, jazz, and hip hop to build a strong dance base and in West Coast Swing to

build a dynamic and intelligent sense of connection & music relativity. In the remaining 6 months

we'll study Zouk from Xtine and other international/national Zouk stars.

Experience: By Audition only. Audition Date: Sunday December 11th at 12pm.

Cumulative for 12-months with option to switch out quarterly, Tuesdays 6:30-8pm

Xtine's Performance Team: Advanced Team.

Goal: 12 months of choreography training.

6 months we'll focus on an Xtine original choreography, 6 months we'll focus on how to create choreography for training team.

Requirements: Audition will be conducted from Neozouk Training Team to access skill level.

As this is a performance team i need a guarantee that all performing members will agree to performances at 2 of following events:

Canada Zouk Congress, NYC Zouk Festival, Seattle Swouk Championships, Dutch Zouk Congress

Experience: Audition Only.

Cumulative throughout the year, Tuesdays 8-9pm.

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